Banner-Day Pipe Heating

TraceFREEImpedancePipeHeatingGraphic GreyBkgd2Are you challenged with moving viscous temperature sensitive materials?
Do you have any of these situations?

  • Need to maintain constant elevated temperature from one point in your piping system to another?
  • Need to raise the temperature of your material as it passes through the pipe?
  • Need to raise the product from a standby temperature to an operating temperature within a defined time period?

If you have these or any related concerns or requirements, you should consider a TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating solution from Banner-Day Pipe Heating.

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Materials flow easily through pipe with use of a Banner-Day Pipe Heating TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating system. The pipe heating system is engineered so the piping itself serves as the heating element, heating pipe and tubing made from:

  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • galvanized steel
  • exotic alloys

Built to NEC, NFPA and IEEE standards, the electric impedance pipe heating system is designed with temperature controls that preheat and maintain pipe temperatures from ambient conditions to as high as 1400° F and higher.

Whether you’re transporting asphalts, oils, soaps, sugars or other viscous materials, a TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating system can handle the application. Material can be liquid or vapor phase.

  • Heat from ambient to product use temperature.
  • Increase product temperature as it moves through the pipe.
  • Maintain product at a constant temperature throughout a length of the pipe.

With minimal preventive maintenance, the reliability and dependability of a Banner-Day Pipe Heating TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating system ensures a stable pipe heating performance with minimal life cycle cost.

Impedance pipe heating system providing freeze
protection to -50° F, heating inlet pipes in Western Canada. Remote temperature legs.

Storage Tanks

storage-tanksStorage tank heating systems are also available using methods customized for your application. The tank heating method best suited for your application depends on several variables, including:

  • Material being heated
  • Temperature requirements
  • Tank design
  • System and plant layout

Our application engineering and sales department will help you select the appropriate storage tank heating system to meet your needs and specifications.

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