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Impedance Pipe Heating system:

An Impedance Pipe Heating System is a system in which heat is generated in a pipe wall by electric current flowing through the pipe wall by direct connection to a low voltage AC voltage source from a dual-winding isolation transformer.

Banner-Day Pipe Heating TraceFREE® Electric Impedance Pipe Heating (IPH) system is designed to heat selected metal pipe or tubing to maintain or increase the temperature of a product or material flowing through a piping system. With TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating product in a pipe can be:

  • Thawed from a solid phase
  • Heated to a desired operating temperature
  • Gradually increased in temperature as it moves thru the line
  • Maintained at a constant product temperature as the product is transferred through the line or sits stagnant

TraceFREE® electric impedance pipe heating systems provide operational flexibility to companies by allowing intermittent or continuous process operation.

Meets Applicable Codes & Standards:
NEC Chapter 427 – User Guide to the NEC
NFPA 70E – National Electric code 2008
IEEE Standard 844-2000
CSA 293.3

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