Banner-Day Pipe Heating

Low Voltage

A Banner-Day Pipe Heating TraceFREE® Electric impedance system utilizes a low AC voltage source to cause electric current flow through the wall of piping to be heated. The secondary side of a dual winding isolation impedance system transformer is connected to a piping system, installed to be isolated from earth ground, using cable conductors connected to high strength cable lugs attached to the two extents of the impedance heated pipe.


As depicted low voltage AC current flows from the transformer secondary connection through a flange point to a flange located at the tank through the pipe to the cable lug located at the use point. The current bypasses the inline pump, isolated from impedance system current by two dielectric Insulated Pipe Joints (IPJ’s) and a bypass jumper cable. From the cable lug at the Use Point, the impedance system current flows back through the return cable conductor to the TraceFREE® impedance system transformer. This transformer is grounded at the return cable conductor connection to provide a zero-voltage reference for the system.



The system is controlled from the TraceFREE® control panel that manages the input power to the impedance transformer by sensing the pipe and or product temperature with an RTD temperature sensor. The RTD is installed in a well that is typically welded to the outer surface of the heated pipe allowing the pipeline and product temperature to be maintained at the desired set point temperature.

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