Banner-Day Pipe Heating

Center Tap

The TraceFREE® center feed system is used for longer systems typically without branch lines, and is best for mid-range and high temperature applications. It does not require insulated pipe joints or flange gaskets.

  • Typically Used For Point to Point Applications
  • Best For Mid-range And Higher Temperatures (≥ 400°F/ 204°C)
  • Does Not Require Use of Insulated Pipe Joints Or Dielectric Flange Gaskets
  • Grounded At Each End

End Feed

The TraceFREE® end feed system is the most common and is used with piping systems that have several branches. Excellent for both low- and mid-range temperatures, an end feed system is easier to install than a center feed system.

  • Most Common Used
  • Excellent for Lower and Mid-Range Temperatures (< 400°F/204°C)
  • Can be Used on Multiple Branch Applications Systems
  • Simpler Installation

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