The TraceFREE® center tap system is typically used for longer pipe runs, frequently without branch lines, and is well suited for midrange and high temperature applications. It does not require the use of dielectric insulated pipe joints because a center tap system is electrically grounded at each end. Said another way, the voltage between the X2 cable connections on the ends of the pipe and earth ground is zero. It is this characteristic that allows impedance to be applied to a piping system carrying an electrically conductive fluid.

Electrically conductive fluids, such as liquid lead and sodium, are heated effectively with impedance pipe heating. Impedance systems utilize the characteristics of electric current flowing through a pipe to create heat. Using a center tap system limits the path of the current flow to between the X2 cable connections on the pipe

While most of the current flow occurs on the outside surface of the pipe, higher temperature systems can have measurable current flow on the inside surface as well. If not using a center tap system, electrically conductive fluids could then carry current beyond the desired boundary of heat application. By grounding the X2 connections of a center tap system, the current flow is limited to the impedance system’s boundary established by the locations of the X2 cable connections.

As you can see, the center tap system is the better choice for use with electrically conductive fluids. In addition, center tap systems can operate at temperatures to 1400° F plus because they eliminate the need for dielectric insulating pipe joint components, such as gaskets, that would be unable to be used in systems at those extreme temperatures.

Often companies look to outside vendors for creative design solutions to support their processes. In the below case, they called on Banner-Day Pipe Heating to assist with process piping temperature maintenance in the form of impedance pipe heating.

Application Summary:
Facility: Chemical Plant
Location: North Carolina
Application: Temperature Maintenance and Cold Startup Thaw

  • Design Maintenance Temperature: 428± 9°F
  • Minimum Design Ambient: 20° F
  • Pipe Length: 450 ft (approx.)
  • Pipe Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Size: 2” – Schedule 40
  • Product: Monomer
  • TraceFREE™ Impedance Pipe Heating System Type: Center Tap
  • Impedance Pipe Heating System Transformer Size: 22 KVA
  • Number of Systems Transformers Required: 1

Banner-Day Pipe Heating has a long history of designing and implementing impedance pipe heating systems. Safety and quality are of paramount importance to us: all of our control panels are UL/ULC Listed, and all of our systems meet appropriate codes, such as NEC Chapter 427, NFPA 70E, and IEEE 844. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to consider implementing an impedance pipe heating system in your facility.

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